Treetop Massage With Ellen

Treetop Massage With Ellen


In Japanese, bodymind, is one word. Massage changes the way you feel and think.
Massaging away tension in your muscles frees up energy so your bodymind is rejuvenated to maintain homeostasis and health.

Our bodymind needs maintenance and care to prevent the effects of lifes normal and extraordinary stresses from affecting our overall health.
A caring touch truly enhances your sense of well being and lifts your spirits.
Massage improves circulation, increases range of motion and prevents injuries.

Effortlessly make massage a healthy part of your weekly routine, just like picking up seasonal veggies.

A 15 minute Chair Massage or Foot Reflexology Tune Up for $20 improves your Quality of Life !

Ellen is a 2005 Graduate of the local Florida School of Massage who loves Gainesville and wants to help every body in our community feel its best, inside and out.
Contact Ellen at Treetop Massage, 900 NW 8th Avenue

60 or 90 Minute Table Massage
I combine Swedish (long, flowing strokes), Deep Tissue, Passive Stretching, Aromatherapy and Heated Towels
Office Chair Massage for Employee Appreciation and Holidays
Chair Massage Booth for Outdoor Events, Weddings
Gift Certificates