Strega Noona's Market

Strega Noona’s Market

Our culinary artisans have create olive mixes and salads from
organic and naturally grown olives from around the world.
Mike Cosmo
Culinary Artisan and creator of many of our olive mixes and salads. “the Olive Man” as he is know at the markets.
Sherry Belliveau
Culinary Artisan and creator of many of our olive creations. Strega Nonna herself.
Quality control expert and our olive queen.
Strega Nonna’s Table
Michael and Sherry have been creating olive mixes and salads for over 10 years. We cater events and parties. We also sample our products at the local Farmers Markets.
Green Butter Castelvetrano w Pits
Bright green and firm, these are the “butter olive” due to their unique and special flavor.
Only grown in Sicily, Italy.
Pitted Kalamata with Sundried Tomatoes Pi
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Muffulatta Mix Italian
Chopped olive antipasto “salad” a variety of chopped olives mixed with Capers, Cauliflower, Onions, Peppers, Celery, and Carrots, marinating in sunflower oil.
Hot nSpicy Holiday Mix –
Hot stuff! A delicious blend of flavors and textures, these olives are marinated with cayenne.
Black Moroccan Oil Cured w

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Cracked Sicilian
Italian seasoned Colossal Queen Sicilian olives with Italian seasoning. My grandmothers recipe. Truly old world flavor.