Featured This Week

Featured this week June 28, 2017. The month of June ends with southern peas- acres, blackeyes and zipper cream-  now fully in season. Corn and okra are two crops the wet spell we are experiencing cannot slow down. Peppers, eggplant and yardlong beans show the market has transitioned to the full summer season. Watermelons continue at the market with a new crop of crimson sweets arriving this week. Cantaloupes are still available but finishing fast with the regular rains. Spaghetti, acorn and butternut squash are creating a plethora of cucurbits. Field grown tomatoes are still being picked. Potatoes in varied varieties and sunflowers are available. Pole beans are in production. Celery is  being offered. Cucumbers are in season. Florida sweet onions- both red and white- are prolific. Cool weather crops like collards are still being harvested.  Blueberries are at the market each week. Cabbage is still available. Some mushrooms from shiitakes to oysters are being harvested. Cauliflower in multiple colors can be found. Carrots-in multiple shades- and broccoli remain in production. Some salad mix is still available each week. Kale continues to be harvested.  Beets and radishes are available. A wide range of starter plants for your garden is being presented most weeks. Garlic chives, scallions and turmeric can be found. High quality artisanal baked goods are at the market every week along with cookies and pretzels. Homemade ice cream, lemonade and organic coffee and kombucha are offered consistently. Along with this there will be olives, balsamic vinegars, free range meats and eggs, shrimp, smoked mullet, wild caught Alaskan salmon, paleo diet meats, granola, tempeh, pasta, salsas, soups, hot sauces, jams and local wildflower honey. Handcrafted soaps and lotions and quality crafts are also being presented. A wide variety of prepared foods is offered each week.