Featured This Week

Featured this week Nov. 20, 2019. The big news this week is that after Wednesday’s market on Saturday the 1st annual  Fall Market Music and Foodfest will be happening on Bo Diddley Plaza from 2-7pm. Star fruit is now back in season and available at the market. Multiple types and colors of Pak Choi as well as Tokyo Bekana are adding to the Asian greens. Mizuna and curly mustards are coming in. Cut flower bouquets and single stem sunflowers are readily available. Salad mix and arugula are increasing by the week. Bananas are still being harvested. Beans are abundant. Roselle and radishes in multiple varieties are in season. Persimmons and chestnuts are being offered. Okra- both red and green is finishing. Bitter melon and yard long beans are available. Malabar spinach, eggplant and southern peas are being harvested. Summer type squash is yielding well. Leeks, scallions, and Florida Sweet onions are available. Root crops such as ginger and turmeric are prolific. Collards continue to yield. Green, blue lacinato and red Russian kale are in season. Parsley remains accessible. Sweet potatoes and sweet potato greens are abundant. Shiitake, lions mane and oyster mushrooms  are readily available. Organic cherry and plum tomatoes are in season as well as multiple varieties of greenhouse and field grown tomatoes. Micro greens are offered each week. You will also find local honey every week. Tempeh is offered each week.Cucumbers fresh and pickled are available. Peppers-both sweet and spicy- are abundant. Potatoes are available in multiple colors. Grass fed beef, pork and chicken as well as seafood are offered every Wednesday. An ever increasing variety of vegan prepared foods is also available. Check the products page for a definitive listing of produce. Fresh lemonade, ice cream, and kombucha are served each week along with a wide variety of prepared foods. music will feature Chuck Rogen at 4:00 Brad Heron at 5:00 and The INspiration at 6:15.usheader1