Featured This Week

Featured this week October 18, 2017. This is the week for the biggest change in the market in over ten years. The Sun Center expansion will feature a core group of veteran market vendors such as Mosswood Farm Store and Bakery, Land of Flowers Honey, Lucy York goat milk products and Jersey’s Creamery ice cream. More recent popular vendors like Ecologic, Future Perfeck vintage clothing  and Little Oak Candle Co. will be joined by a host of new artists and crafters. Music on the stage behind the Hippodrome will performed by Eli Tragash and Stephan the Cello Man. Expansion of the fall season produce also continues with the addition of sweet potatoes, mizuna and cucumbers.  Sunflowers, bush beans, chestnuts and mustard greens being offered. Radishes are plentiful. Persimmons are in full season. Pears are being harvested. Lion’s mane and oyster mushrooms are also coming in. The range of products is expanding each week with crops like bitter melon and holy basil. Pork and pasture raised chicken are available weekly. Southern peas- acres, pinkeyes and zipper cream- are yielding. Okra continues to produce.. Peppers, eggplant and yardlong beans also continue to yield. Seminole pumpkins are increasing in quantity. Tomatoes are producing in greenhouses and high tunnels . Potatoes in varied varieties and zinnias are available. Florida sweet onions- both red and white- are available. Cool weather crops like collards are being harvested. Kale continues to yield. Garlic chives, scallions and turmeric can be found. High quality artisanal baked goods are at the market every week along with cookies and pretzels. Homemade ice cream, lemonade and organic coffee and kombucha are offered consistently. Along with this there will be olives, balsamic vinegars, free range meats and eggs, shrimp, smoked mullet, wild caught Alaskan salmon, paleo diet meats, tempeh, pasta, salsas, soups, hot sauces, jams and local wildflower honey. Handcrafted soaps and lotions and quality crafts are also being presented. A wide variety of prepared foods is offered each week.